June 22, 2020

The Haunting of Devil’s Pit Pub Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Devil's Pit Pub

The Haunting of Devil’s Pit Pub Has Been Released!

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Jude White endured a childhood full of unspeakable torment. With the death of her mother, having a drunken father, and attending a boarding school where she was bullied mercilessly, things seemed hopeless for Jude. Jude’s only friend and confidant was a girl named Summer. But one day, even Summer had been mysteriously taken away from Jude by an unexplainable phenomenon.

Jude has finally made it into adulthood and is now attending law school. She has started a new job at a dive bar called Devil’s Pit Pub. Shortly after her seedy boss named Frank assigns her to a variety of odd and degrading jobs around the pub, she is confronted with flickering lights, cold spells, and mysterious sounds.

Jude decides that she must do whatever she can to escape the horrors of the present and to escape the dark memories of her past. These events force Jude to try and solve the mystery surrounding the death of a local rock legend named Killian Graves. Add on the fact that a shady cop seems to be stalking her every move, and one must wonder if Jude was cursed from birth.

Will Jude overcome the scars of her past in time to give peace of mind to those who need it and prevent a massacre? Or will she be too late to stop tragedy from unfolding?

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May 15, 2020

The Haunting of Modest Mountain Hotel Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Modest Mountain Hotel

The Haunting of Modest Mountain Hotel Has Been Released!

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Modest Mountain Hotel has been abandoned for years. Legend has it that the hotel’s owner, Faye, died under mysterious circumstances, and the place has been haunted ever since. But how exactly did Faye die? And is the hotel really haunted?

When Lily Austin inherits the Modest Mountain Hotel from her deceased great grandmother, she didn’t even know that it had existed. She decides to move there with her new friend, Zak, and to start a new life as hotel owners. Was this a wise decision on the part of Lily and Zak? Are they destined to become more than just friends?

Lily’s reality doesn’t live up to her dreams when she discovers from a gas station worker that the hotel is haunted and feared by locals. When she meets Marcus, the intense caretaker, she starts to feel even more uneasy. Is the gas station worker telling the truth about the hotel? What is it about Marcus that causes her to feel so uncomfortable?

From their first night in the hotel, Lily and Zak encounter events that can have no logical explanation. There are strange messages, mysterious laughter, rooms that lock themselves, a horrific abduction, and far worse events that occur. Can Lily and Zak discover what is causing these bizarre events? Will they be able to successfully run Modest Mountain Hotel as a team, or will they become victims of something supernatural at work?

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April 25, 2020

The Haunting of Grove Manor Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Grove Manor

The Haunting of Grove Manor Has Been Released!

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In Australia, in 1840, an architect named Albert demands that he get paid in full for the mansion he built. When William, the new owner of the mansion, refuses to pay Albert due to a small legal loophole, Albert tells William that he is placing a curse on him for stealing from him. William laughs at Albert and forces him to leave the property. They say that money is the root of all evil, but could Albert possibly have placed an actual curse on William?

A mysterious fire causes the mansion to nearly burn to the ground. Two separate and horrific deaths occur. One death is that of Albert, and the other death is that of William’s wife. William becomes insane due to the death of his wife and vows revenge of his own. How did Albert and William’s wife die? How far is William willing to go in order to get revenge on someone who is already dead?

In modern times, a British architect named Rob feels his life has no purpose after he breaks up with his girlfriend of many years. Rob wonders if things will change for the better when he is offered a job by a wealthy businesswoman named Emma. Emma wants Rob to travel to Australia to work on her mansion named Grove Manor. What will it take in order for Rob to accept Emma’s job?

As Emma’s mansion is being built, bizarre things start to happen. There are strange noises being heard. Things around the mansion start to vanish. Construction equipment is destroyed, workers are injured, and even worse. What could be the cause of all of this chaos? What can Emma and Rob discover about the history of the mansion that can help them complete their project instead of abandoning it? Will Emma and Rob remain only friendly co-workers, or are they destined to fall in love? Or are things so beyond their control that they will suffer a fate worse than death?

Read “The Haunting of Grove Manor” now to find out…

April 5, 2020

The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel

The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel Has Been Released!

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Come on an adventure in England to the mysterious Dartmont Arms Hotel. The current owner, Peter Price, had been under some suspicion when his pregnant wife disappeared some decades ago. The hotel staff reported some sinister possibilities at the time, but the body of his wife was ever found. Price walked away, saying she had simply run off with a lover she was having an affair with. Was Peter telling the truth? What really happened to Peter’s wife?

Two cousins, Jackie Ramirez and Andy Collingwood, came to The Dartmont Arms Hotel for a family wedding. Even after nearly six years of not seeing each other in person, they easily redeveloped their close bond by reminiscing about the trouble they got into as children. Will The Dartmont Arms Hotel be able to present them with situations that make the mischief they got into as kids pale in comparison?

While snooping around the old hotel, after getting bored at the wedding reception, the cousins come across increasingly strange scenarios. Their curiosity continued to be aroused, and they found themselves drawn into places that perhaps would have been best left alone. What will they discover about the history of the hotel?

Did the cousins actually discover something that is intimately tied to Peter Price and the disappearance of his former wife, Alice, or are their imaginations and proclivities for mischief working overtime? Will Jackie and Andy’s exploration of the hotel strengthen the familial bonds between them, or are there paranormal forces that cannot be explained that will lead to their ultimate demise?

Read “The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel” now to find out…

March 16, 2020

The Haunting of Highgate Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Highgate Mansion

The Haunting of the Highgate Mansion Has Been Released!

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In 1854, back in London, a plot of land known today at the Isle of Dogs was used by a wealthy financier named Gerald Bartlow to build Highgate Mansion. He moved in with his wife, Penelope, and their four children. Bartlow had quite a wonderful life for some time. But when his fortunes began to dwindle due to some overly risky investments, and an influenza pandemic swept the region, poor Gerald turned to the bottle, and his family was an afterthought at best. Did Bartlow and his family overcome their problems and thrive, or did they wind up victimized?

Fast forward over 150 years later. Enter Jen Abrams, who is a new graduate of Westminster University. She just landed her first job at a nearby marketing firm and desperately needs a place to live. After one look at the attic flat of Highgate Mansion, Jen was sold and moved in immediately. But how will Jen handle her strict landlord and bizarre new roommates? Will she be able to overcome the increasingly odd events that happen at the mansion?

When Jen’s health mysteriously begins to fail, and an event at Highgate Mansion turns lethal, all bets are off. Does the new owner of Highgate Mansion know more about this place then she is letting on just to fill it with paying tenants? Are the odd events and strange behavior of everyone in the mansion the cause of something paranormal, or can they be explained by logic and science? Can Jen save herself by uncovering the secrets of Highgate Mansion, both past, and present, before it is too late?

Read “The Haunting of Highgate Mansion” now to find out…

February 10, 2020

The Haunting of the Lost Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of the Lost Mansion

The Haunting of the Lost Mansion Has Been Released!

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Just outside London, back in the early 1900s, was a now-defunct little village known as Bishops Fordham. Center stage was an enormous mansion, the Fordham Mansion, where the elite family of Reginald and Amanda Fordham lived with their two children, Charles and Emily.

The one Achilles heel of Bishops Fordham was an aged and slowly weakening dam that provided the residents with their livelihood. When it was rumored that the dam was in imminent danger of collapsing, a major relocation effort was launched. How many people perished in the floods? Was the Fordham family victimized by the flooding, or did they manage to survive?

In 2017, the Bishops Fordham Nature Conservancy hired a young woman named Clarissa Evans to oversee the facility. She had a laser-focus on making the area a prime attraction for tourists from around the world, and for a while, she did well.

But as climatic changes came along, the summers in the region got hotter and drier, and to Clarissa’s shock and dismay, she came to the lake one day to discover that the old Fordham Mansion, was now visible above the waterline. That situation was now becoming the draw for visitors versus the wildlife that gave Clarissa purpose and meaning in life.

To add insult to injury, an up and coming young journalist, Edward Milton, with a penchant for highlighting oddities such as this got permission to come and do an investigation of the mansion for his very popular blog. What is Clarissa willing to do to keep wildlife instead of the mansion as the primary reason for visiting?

Join Clarissa and Edward as they dig deeper and deeper into the exposed mansion and old village. Seemingly otherworldly phenomena come about that appeal to Edward’s sense of wonder and adventure, while Clarissa remains skeptical due to her scientific background.

Is Clarissa correct, and Edward is just creating more buzz for his blog, or is he onto something that just has no logical or rational basis for belief? Will they grow to trust and perhaps even love one another, or will they discover and experience every horrific meaning of the word “lost” in existence?

Read “The Haunting of the Lost Mansion” now to find out…

January 19, 2020

The Haunting of Scarlet Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Scarlet Mansion

The Haunting of Scarlet Mansion Has Been Released!

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In London, in the early 1900s, a mysterious man by the name of Redborne decided to find land with poverty-stricken residents for a twisted experiment. He found an acreage on which to construct a new mansion, known as the Scarlet Mansion. He razed clean the land, which displaced a number of residents with no concern for their lives. Why would Redborne want to do something so devious to innocent people?

Not only did Redborne incur the wrath of the poor he displaced, but also ruffled the feathers of the very elite in London with whom he had been hoping to join. A fire later broke out, killing Redborne, his wife, and their daughter. It was a horrid disaster to everyone in the area, and as such, the mansion went vacant and neglected for over a hundred years. Who or what caused this devastating fire to break out?

Fast forward to modern times. An ambitious, young builder named Dani Broadmoor came along and with her sister, Francis, and they scooped up the old charred hulk of the mansion at a public auction with the intent of renovating it into a series of luxury flats to add to the surrounding neighborhood. However, as time went along, inexplicable events began to crop up around the job site.

What exactly were these strange events and could they be frightening enough to stop construction? Will Francis and Dani convince one another there really is a paranormal aspect to all the odd events at the mansion renovation site? Or will they believe it is nothing more than their overactive imaginations and move onward?

Read “The Haunting of Scarlet Mansion” now to find out…

December 26, 2019

The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion

The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion Has Been Released!

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08373VXJN

In the 19th century, in the region in the United Kingdom known as Camden, a once a prosperous businessman named Barnsley, fell on hard times. He was forced to adjust his magnificent mansion, Barnsley Mansion, that he had constructed as a tribute to his ego, to become an orphanage.

However, it was an orphanage in name only. Its real inner working was a sweatshop for the emerging textile industry. To get the heart of the matter, Barnsley was, in the end, found dead of unknown causes with a number of the children having been in his charge simply missing. The orphanage was shut down and then sat vacant for over a hundred years. What was the real cause of death for Barnsley? Why were so many innocent children missing?

Fast forward to modern times where many came and went trying to live in the old mansion, but inexplicable sights and sounds drove them all off until music producer Simon and his ex-model wife Clarissa moved in with their two daughters. What exactly were these noises and sights, and what made Simon and Clarissa brave enough to ignore them and invest in the mansion?

Initially, all was well, but Clarissa grew more and more obsessed with her self-promotion, and her ego spun out of control and caused Simon and her to fight constantly. What could possibly have made Clarissa become such a narcissistic maniac? Are Simon and the children safe from her?

Then to add to the mix, something mysterious and horrifying was discovered in one of the gardens. But when weird and seemingly impossible events began to pop up around the mansion, having been renamed “Mistletoe Mansion” for Clarissa’s love of the yuletide, all bets were off. What exactly was discovered in the garden? Can Simon get the situation under control before the events at the mansion overwhelm them all or will Clarissa’s self-absorption be too much of a distraction? A Christmas feast is bound to be eaten, but just who or what will be enjoying it?

Read “The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion” to find out…

December 9, 2019

The Haunting of Christmas Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Christmas Mansion

The Haunting of Christmas Mansion Has Been Released!

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B082KLSQGV

Near Cambridge, England, there is a little-known mansion with the interesting moniker of Christmas Mansion. Originally built in the 1920s, the manor was designed and constructed by the industrialist, Phillip DeVere, as a tribute to the holiday season. To christen the mansion, the DeVere family hosted a Christmas Eve gala event for the elite of the day, including a séance as Philip’s idea of simple entertainment. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

What could possibly have gone wrong during the gala event to cause the DeVere family to flee the mansion never to return? Why did the mansion, though on prime real estate, sit empty and in disrepair for almost a century before a young couple from Cambridge purchased it?

Adam and Julia Wright, and their children, Alfred and Amelia, took residence in Christmas Mansion because of their love of the holiday season, and regardless of the negative backstory. However, soon, things at the mansion are more than they have bargained for. Julia sees more inexplicable occurrences keep popping up in and around the mansion. Adam says just coincidences, while Julia is convinced it is something much more insidious.

Will the special Christmas Eve bash of their own they are planning as a home warming event get impacted by Julia’s suspicions and fears? Or is Adam right, and it is all just to be explained with logic and considered evaluation? Is their love of the holiday season enough to stay in the mansion? Perhaps they will flee for their lives, or will something even worse happen to them? Come to the party and judge for yourself. Your invitation is in the mail.

Read “The Haunting of Christmas Mansion” now…

October 21, 2019

The Haunting of Kingston Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Kingston Mansion

The Haunting of Kingston Mansion Has Been Released!

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UK:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07ZFBYQ9M

Come along on an adventure to Kingston Mansion in Surrey, England. It is a place with a history so frightening that it likely not allowed to be put into words here without severe repercussions.

Paul Willis and his partner Gary Redmond bought the mansion and refurbished it to glamour and elegance that had not been seen since the days of its original construction.

However, Paul and Gary soon struggle with a severe concern over their adopted children Kelly and Rachel’s welfare.

Can Paul convince Gary to overcome his stubborn resistance and accept that supernatural forces may be at work before paranormal elements tear them all apart as a family?

Read “The Haunting of Kingston Mansion” now to find out…

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