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March 31, 2018

The Haunting of Carver’s Arms Pub Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Carver's Arms Pub

The Haunting of Carver’s Arms Pub Has Been Released!

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Herriard had always been a small and somewhat unremarkable village just outside London, and the residents there loved that about their home. Even small towns liked to boast a claim to fame as a matter of pride, but Herriard was not made in this mold. Most anyone who had lived there for any amount of time would have agreed with this. Perhaps if there was a feature to stand out, it would be Carver’s Arms, the pub that was central to the quaint township. The inn had been around for several generations, having been handed down from father to son, and hardly anyone in Herriard had not been there. The current owner, John Carver, was well-liked among his neighbors and customers, though if the good people of Herriard knew the darker side of John, the traffic in and out of the pub would likely have dwindled to a trickle.

One day the calm and serenity of Herriard was thrown into turmoil as a spree of break-ins arose across town. While the bulk of the thefts seemed to be focused at Carver’s Arms, various other residences in town were being targeted as well. John Carver was finally getting too annoyed at how frequently his inn was being ransacked and vandalized to ignore the incidents any longer, and with the urging of his neighbors he initiated a police investigation. Herriard was too small to support a local police force, but regional detectives from just outside London soon arrived to see if they could lend a hand. After much investigation and numerous interviews with Carver and others, the detectives were baffled.

However, Sally White, the junior detective on the case, began to sense that John Carver was not quite what his reputation in Herriard might indicate. In addition, strange sounds and sights at Carver’s Arms lead Sally to wonder if an element of the paranormal might be afoot, despite ridicule from her partner, Tomasz Peterson. Could the dark side of John Carver have anything to do with the unexplained oddities that are going on at the pub? Can Sally convince her partner, Tomasz, to take her suspicions seriously? Or are all the things going bump in the night, just as John Carver insists, normal settling and sifting of an aging establishment? Come along for the ride to see if there is more going on at Carver’s Arms than just a simple rash of robberies…