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August 12, 2018

The Haunting of Glass Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Glass Mansion

The Haunting of Glass Mansion Has Been Released!

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Rhiannon Martel and Kristen Layton are two average university students struggling to make ends meet in Carmarthen, Wales. Unlike many of their friends from back home in Cardiff, they wanted to distance themselves from their old environs and get a real taste of true independence, both financially and emotionally. For a long time, all had gone well for the congenial pair, who had been close personal friends since they were very young. But just recently, a snag in their financial aid had arisen putting them in dire straits, monetarily. They were behind in their rent to their overbearing landlady, Mrs. Langdon, whom they shared the lower level of a duplex with and were facing a potential eviction if they could not settle their debts with her.

Knowing it would possibly be months before their financial aid problems could be resolved and they would be able to work full-time during the summer, Rhiannon answered an advertisement that had been posted in a local coffee shop in Carmarthen that seemed to be the answer to all their money woes. It was a simple two-week gig to look after the old Glass Mansion on the far outskirts of the village. The pay would fully cover what they owed Mrs. Langdon and despite Kristen’s concerns, Rhiannon was thrilled and was hired immediately by Gladys Glass, the current resident of the mansion, along with her husband, Henry.

Kristen’s concerns were not entirely unfounded. The Glass Mansion was the oldest and largest structure around the Carmarthen area, but it also carried a very dark and sinister past. The Glass Mansion had been built generations ago and passed down through time to a long lineage of Glass heirs. The legend of the mansion was well-known among the local residents and was trotted out regularly around Halloween. As the story goes, Henry’s great-great-great-great grandfather, who had built the mansion, had a son, Edmund who had a horrific accident as a young boy. It left him hideously disfigured which made him a prime target for a variety of tormentors in town. An adolescent prank then went badly and Edmund was decapitated. In the years since, Edmund’s ghost is reputed to have kept residence in the mansion, arising every five years to take his revenge on a local in Carmarthen.

Both Rhiannon and Kristen are well aware of the legend, but the overriding need for money makes Rhiannon brush off all the talk in the village as nonsense. She does not buy into anything supernatural, but Kristen, on the other hand, is a firm believer in such things. Knowing they have no other real options, Kristen finally accedes to Rhiannon’s proposal to accept the job and they set off together with Kristen’s new boyfriend, Drew Andreas, to take care of the mansion while Henry and Gladys are away on holiday. They have plans to spend the first night there hanging out and watching horror movies…as Rhiannon told the couple, “what could be cooler than horror movies in a touted haunted house?”

However, early into their stay, things begin to occur in the Glass Mansion that seem to indicate that perhaps all the old stories and legends surrounding the Glass clan and the mansion could have some merit after all. Are all the inexplicable noises signs of the ghost of Edmund Glass or is staying in a supposedly haunted house making imaginations run wild? Can Kristen and Drew convince the stubbornly skeptical Rhiannon that something is awry in the old place before it is too late? Come along with our trio as they enter the world of the Glass Mansion and the fabled Headless Horseman where reality and the supernatural seem to be on a collision course with dangerous consequences for all.