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December 8, 2018

The Christmas Haunting of Robinson Mansion Has Been Released!

The Christmas Haunting of Robinson Mansion

The Christmas Haunting of Robinson Mansion Has Been Released!

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As the United States began its’ expansion westward, following the expedition of Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase, as authorized by President Thomas Jefferson in 1804-1806, many adventurous and courageous pioneers began to follow suit. The Utah Territory was one such area, made famous by the migration of Joseph Smith and The Mormons as they were expelled from various locations across the country. In addition to the Mormon migration, many independent groups went along as well looking for a better life, or in some cases just a challenge. One such family numbered among this movement was Andrew and Pearl Robinson who left the east coast following a number of failed business endeavors, hoping a new location would let them prosper.

And indeed, Andrew found his niche as the settlers carved out a home in Springdale, which is still in existence today just south of Zion National park. His finances soared, and he built a wonderful home for himself, Pearl, and their two children. And for several years all was well. But on Christmas Eve in 1888, Pearl came to the door of their home, interrupted from her preparations for the holidays to find Andrew loading himself and the children into a carriage. With a heavy heart, Andrew explained to Pearl that he could no longer take her depressive personality and moping around. He had fallen in love with another woman and was taking their kids and going to her. Pearl was crushed, naturally, but in the end, saw he was right. For a long time, she had been very detached from them all and was just going through the motions of being a wife and mother.

Later the next day, Pearl, still deep in her depression, went to the bathroom, filled the tub and slipped into the water, slitting her wrists. From that day forward, at the Christmas holidays, the ghost of Pearl Robinson reappeared to try and convince any new residents of the house, which had been repurposed over the years into a guest house, to join her, hoping to alleviate her still lingering sadness and loneliness. The legend of the Robinson homestead grew and was well-known in Springdale, but took on more of a cachet of curiosity as opposed to a sense of real danger.

In 2017, the Greene family was looking for a unique place in which to spend the Christmas holidays and came upon the large mansion in Springdale as a viable option. Their daughter, Jess, was a freshman at Southern Utah University, and she along with her roommate, Paige headed down to Springdale to join in the family gathering. Just the year before, Paige had lost her parents in a tragic airline accident, and Jess did not want her to have to spend her first Christmas after that alone and sad. Paige had been seriously distraught over the loss, but with a therapist’s help was beginning to get back on her feet, emotionally, and was thrilled to accept Jess’s offer. The family settled into the mansion, with the two girls, Jess’s teenage brother, Tyler, and her grandparents on her father’s side, looking forward to the holidays.

However, odd and inexplicable events soon began to manifest themselves in and around the mansion. Tyler, who was heavily into the paranormal was sure the mansion was haunted due to some research he had done online, but everyone just wrote this off as a teenage lark. But when Paige went missing on Christmas night, Jess began to wonder. They finally found her semi-conscious in the bathtub of an old abandoned room in the mansion, trying to slit her wrists. After that episode, Tyler finally convinced his sister that his theory on the mansion might have some validity. But has he gotten her on board too late? Is the mansion really haunted and is Pearl Robinson the presence responsible? Or is perhaps Paige’s apparent suicide attempt just related to her own emotional upheaval? Come along as Jess and Tyler try and unravel the mystery and attempt to find the truth. From a psychological intervention to a priest’s assistance, it is hard to say what may go down…