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March 16, 2019

The Haunting of the Regent Theatre Has Been Released!

The Haunting of the Regent Theatre

The Haunting of the Regent Theatre Has Been Released!

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Against all advice from his colleagues and friends, an enterprising man by the name of Milton Barkley launched The Regent Theatre as a venue for live theatre, music and more in the village of Swinson in England. It took a bit for it to gain traction, but soon the owners of the surrounding businesses that had ridiculed Barkley had changed their tune. The main attraction at the theatre was a woman named Rosalva. She was exotic-looking and talented beyond anyone the area had ever know of. Her background was unknown, and she refused to make this known, using the mystery of her roots to market herself as a performer.

But one night an awful accident occurred during one of Rosalva’s shows and even though she survived the trauma, it was soon realized she would never perform again. Once Rosalva was no longer at The Regent, its popularity and cachet faded away as well. Like dominos, once the theatre declined so did Swinson, and it soon reverted to the same status it had had before the rise of The Regent. Once her performing career was no longer an option, Rosalva too could not go on, and she was found one evening on the old stage of the decaying and decrepit theatre dead of an apparent overdose of pills. It was the final nail in the coffin of The Regent, killing off any ideas that might have been bandied about in hopes of revitalizing the old show hall. The one remaining legacy was that Rosalva still lingered in the halls and on the stage of The Regent…a tortured and troubled spirit entity unable to completely let go of her once enormous fame.

Over time, Swinson did begin to emerge from its recent setback, and in 2017, Darren Lynch along with a group of investors saw the old Regent’s empty husk and decided to try and breathe new life into it as The Swinson Review. It was a very slow process, as the legend of Rosalva still clung to the location making people wary of returning. It was at this point that Amy Roberts, a local Swinson girl, returned to her hometown after a failed attempt to make it in the professional ranks of London theatre. Ashamed and dejected, Amy took a job with Lynch working as an usher in hopes of saving up enough money to one day take another crack at the big city lights. Sophia Lester, a new arrival in town joined Amy as the sole staff of The Review selling tickets and helping Lynch to market the new venue.

Amy and Sophia developed a friendship, based somewhat on a mutual defense against the often drunken and seemingly always womanizing Lynch. However, when a touring drama company made a deal to use The Review as a test stage for an upcoming national and hopefully international tour, their friendship was challenged as Sophia was selected over Amy to fill in for an ailing actress. Amy once again felt the sting of rejection but soon threw it off as she was put in charge of what was billed as “A Haunted Evening” at The Review with a local paranormal enthusiast, Malcolm Peters. He was hoping to elicit the spirit of Rosalva and maybe more from The Review as a launching board for his own business interests as a medium and paranormal expert. During his show, Amy fell into a trance and was injured by some falling equipment over the stage. The audience assumed it was part of Peters’ show, but he knew better, and his concern grew over Amy’s condition as she recovered from a concussion. He was sure her accident intervening in the middle of his efforts to contact and present the specter of Rosalva to his audience might have comingled. To everyone’s shock and delight, when Amy came to rehearsals now, her voice was improved exponentially.

Did in fact what Malcolm Peters feared actually happen? Has Amy been possessed or at least partially comingled with the spirit of the diva, Rosalva? Or is there something else going on that might explain Amy’s sudden improvement in her singing? Has the spiritual Rosalva found a new home to continue her lost fame and attention? And if so, what does this mean for Amy?