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February 10, 2020

The Haunting of the Lost Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of the Lost Mansion

The Haunting of the Lost Mansion Has Been Released!

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Just outside London, back in the early 1900s, was a now-defunct little village known as Bishops Fordham. Center stage was an enormous mansion, the Fordham Mansion, where the elite family of Reginald and Amanda Fordham lived with their two children, Charles and Emily.

The one Achilles heel of Bishops Fordham was an aged and slowly weakening dam that provided the residents with their livelihood. When it was rumored that the dam was in imminent danger of collapsing, a major relocation effort was launched. How many people perished in the floods? Was the Fordham family victimized by the flooding, or did they manage to survive?

In 2017, the Bishops Fordham Nature Conservancy hired a young woman named Clarissa Evans to oversee the facility. She had a laser-focus on making the area a prime attraction for tourists from around the world, and for a while, she did well.

But as climatic changes came along, the summers in the region got hotter and drier, and to Clarissa’s shock and dismay, she came to the lake one day to discover that the old Fordham Mansion, was now visible above the waterline. That situation was now becoming the draw for visitors versus the wildlife that gave Clarissa purpose and meaning in life.

To add insult to injury, an up and coming young journalist, Edward Milton, with a penchant for highlighting oddities such as this got permission to come and do an investigation of the mansion for his very popular blog. What is Clarissa willing to do to keep wildlife instead of the mansion as the primary reason for visiting?

Join Clarissa and Edward as they dig deeper and deeper into the exposed mansion and old village. Seemingly otherworldly phenomena come about that appeal to Edward’s sense of wonder and adventure, while Clarissa remains skeptical due to her scientific background.

Is Clarissa correct, and Edward is just creating more buzz for his blog, or is he onto something that just has no logical or rational basis for belief? Will they grow to trust and perhaps even love one another, or will they discover and experience every horrific meaning of the word “lost” in existence?

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