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March 16, 2020

The Haunting of Highgate Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Highgate Mansion

The Haunting of the Highgate Mansion Has Been Released!

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In 1854, back in London, a plot of land known today at the Isle of Dogs was used by a wealthy financier named Gerald Bartlow to build Highgate Mansion. He moved in with his wife, Penelope, and their four children. Bartlow had quite a wonderful life for some time. But when his fortunes began to dwindle due to some overly risky investments, and an influenza pandemic swept the region, poor Gerald turned to the bottle, and his family was an afterthought at best. Did Bartlow and his family overcome their problems and thrive, or did they wind up victimized?

Fast forward over 150 years later. Enter Jen Abrams, who is a new graduate of Westminster University. She just landed her first job at a nearby marketing firm and desperately needs a place to live. After one look at the attic flat of Highgate Mansion, Jen was sold and moved in immediately. But how will Jen handle her strict landlord and bizarre new roommates? Will she be able to overcome the increasingly odd events that happen at the mansion?

When Jen’s health mysteriously begins to fail, and an event at Highgate Mansion turns lethal, all bets are off. Does the new owner of Highgate Mansion know more about this place then she is letting on just to fill it with paying tenants? Are the odd events and strange behavior of everyone in the mansion the cause of something paranormal, or can they be explained by logic and science? Can Jen save herself by uncovering the secrets of Highgate Mansion, both past, and present, before it is too late?

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