January 13, 2019

The Haunting of Abberfield Church Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Abberfield Church

The Haunting of Abberfield Church Has Been Released!

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The Yorkshire Dales is a bucolic and beautiful place where to some degree time has maybe not stopped, but at least slowed down as the rest of the world has continued to grow and get more congested and “modern.” It is in the wilds of the Dales that a small village, Abberfield, lies and is as representative of the area as any other small hamlet. The mostly agricultural township does, however, have a story that a lot of locals there would just assume you not ask about and if you should happen to be privy to it to keep it to yourself.

In the mid-1800s, a small chapel was erected by the Church of England (COE) at the special request of the residents, and for many years was the sole place of worship for them. But in 1935, a horrific fire swept through the church killing a number of its parishioners that became trapped inside. The tragedy struck at the hearts of the townsfolk, and the church was shuttered, never again to be used based on the grief and sorrow associated with it. The COE never tried to do anything more with the structure, leaving it as it had been after the fire, and building a new structure closer to town. The residents appreciated the gesture looking upon the old church as both part memorial for their lost friends and partly due to a legend that began to spread about a possible haunting of the chapel.

And so, it remained virtually abandoned and crumbling until 2015, when an independent builder, Darren Baker, was made aware of it from a colleague. He and his wife, Louise, along with their two children, Ava, age five and Logan, age two, were looking to depart the hustle and bustle of the city for a more rural location and better place to raise their family. Darren and Louise struck a deal with the COE to purchase the old place which came along with an extensive bit of acreage with the idea of renovating the old church into a private home to allow them their dream of rural life. Though the deal they negotiated with the COE seemed too good to be true, neither Darren nor Louise thought much more of it and moved ahead with their plans. It had been obvious that a fire had at one time torched the old church, but they had no idea of the details.

However, no sooner than they had arrived at the site, living in a caravan camper while they renovated the church, a myriad of events began to come flying at them relentlessly. An odd assortment of bibles and crosses appeared inside the caravan – one of the bibles was even charred as if to remind them of the fire. The interior of the church was infested with thousands of bats. Building material went vandalized and tossed about. Both Ava and Logan began to undergo personality changes that seemed to coincide with their arrival. All of this on top of the board of Abberfield making it clear that they did not approve of this renovation. An unknown man from town then arrives to offer to buy back the church from them for more than they originally paid. And Logan comes home telling of a new mysterious friend that he has made in town.

As even more strange events continue to pile up, Louise begins to think there may be something more sinister going on associated with the old church than anyone in town is willing to talk about. This comes to a head when she gets the real story from a property manager in town who gave her the details of the legend associated with the old Abberfield Church and the rumors of the man called just “Malcolm.” However, Darren has his heart set on finishing up the renovation despite all the “tall tales” the locals are feeding Louise.

Are the locals just “telling tales out of school” to scare them off because they are new to town? Or has Louise stumbled onto something more serious and perhaps true despite the supernatural element that she really does not buy into in general? Can Louise convince Darren that they may be in real danger or is she just letting her imagination run wild?

Read ‘The Haunting of Abberfield Church’ now to find out more…

December 8, 2018

The Christmas Haunting of Robinson Mansion Has Been Released!

The Christmas Haunting of Robinson Mansion

The Christmas Haunting of Robinson Mansion Has Been Released!

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As the United States began its’ expansion westward, following the expedition of Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase, as authorized by President Thomas Jefferson in 1804-1806, many adventurous and courageous pioneers began to follow suit. The Utah Territory was one such area, made famous by the migration of Joseph Smith and The Mormons as they were expelled from various locations across the country. In addition to the Mormon migration, many independent groups went along as well looking for a better life, or in some cases just a challenge. One such family numbered among this movement was Andrew and Pearl Robinson who left the east coast following a number of failed business endeavors, hoping a new location would let them prosper.

And indeed, Andrew found his niche as the settlers carved out a home in Springdale, which is still in existence today just south of Zion National park. His finances soared, and he built a wonderful home for himself, Pearl, and their two children. And for several years all was well. But on Christmas Eve in 1888, Pearl came to the door of their home, interrupted from her preparations for the holidays to find Andrew loading himself and the children into a carriage. With a heavy heart, Andrew explained to Pearl that he could no longer take her depressive personality and moping around. He had fallen in love with another woman and was taking their kids and going to her. Pearl was crushed, naturally, but in the end, saw he was right. For a long time, she had been very detached from them all and was just going through the motions of being a wife and mother.

Later the next day, Pearl, still deep in her depression, went to the bathroom, filled the tub and slipped into the water, slitting her wrists. From that day forward, at the Christmas holidays, the ghost of Pearl Robinson reappeared to try and convince any new residents of the house, which had been repurposed over the years into a guest house, to join her, hoping to alleviate her still lingering sadness and loneliness. The legend of the Robinson homestead grew and was well-known in Springdale, but took on more of a cachet of curiosity as opposed to a sense of real danger.

In 2017, the Greene family was looking for a unique place in which to spend the Christmas holidays and came upon the large mansion in Springdale as a viable option. Their daughter, Jess, was a freshman at Southern Utah University, and she along with her roommate, Paige headed down to Springdale to join in the family gathering. Just the year before, Paige had lost her parents in a tragic airline accident, and Jess did not want her to have to spend her first Christmas after that alone and sad. Paige had been seriously distraught over the loss, but with a therapist’s help was beginning to get back on her feet, emotionally, and was thrilled to accept Jess’s offer. The family settled into the mansion, with the two girls, Jess’s teenage brother, Tyler, and her grandparents on her father’s side, looking forward to the holidays.

However, odd and inexplicable events soon began to manifest themselves in and around the mansion. Tyler, who was heavily into the paranormal was sure the mansion was haunted due to some research he had done online, but everyone just wrote this off as a teenage lark. But when Paige went missing on Christmas night, Jess began to wonder. They finally found her semi-conscious in the bathtub of an old abandoned room in the mansion, trying to slit her wrists. After that episode, Tyler finally convinced his sister that his theory on the mansion might have some validity. But has he gotten her on board too late? Is the mansion really haunted and is Pearl Robinson the presence responsible? Or is perhaps Paige’s apparent suicide attempt just related to her own emotional upheaval? Come along as Jess and Tyler try and unravel the mystery and attempt to find the truth. From a psychological intervention to a priest’s assistance, it is hard to say what may go down…

November 16, 2018

The Christmas Eve Haunting Has Been Released!

The Christmas Eve Haunting

The Christmas Eve Haunting Has Been Released!

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A portion of Wharton State Forest in New Jersey was sold off back in the 1950’s and became a quasi-private retreat. In the late 1950’s, Charles Ridgemont struck a deal with the state to acquire a portion of the park for his own personal development. He made his money in a variety of endeavors, which were highly suspected of being tied to organized crime. He built cabins in and around Atsion Lake for use by his family and close associates. Many knew of the place, often referred to in the day as Ridgemont Acres. It was advised for those in the know to not venture too close.

One day, however, Ridgemont and all close to him just “disappeared” as the FBI reported. The property sat vacant until a distant relative, Richard Bellingham, was found to whom the property was gifted in Ridgemont’s will. Bellingham brought the place back to respectability and soon the place was open to all as a rental opportunity.

All was well after this for Bellingham. He recovered from his financial setback and had few worries. That was until he sold the last lot to Benjamin Jinks. Jinks was a respected man, but in the mid-1970’s, when Bellingham made his annual spring inspection of the development, he found that Jinks had, apparently over the Christmas holidays, committed a triple murder/suicide. For Bellingham, the responsibility he felt was overwhelming and he soon took his own life. Between the Jinks massacre and Bellingham’s suicide, owners began to report seeing and hearing inexplicable things close to the cabin where the murders occurred.

The Atsion Lake resort again sat nearly vacant until Larry Peters, a real estate speculator, who had zero belief in all the stories that swirled around the place, bought everything and made it once again a desirable destination. The former owners were happy to unload their cabins to Peters and he turned the entire resort back to an all rental operation. From that point forward, there seemed to be no further talk of anything supernatural.

In present day, Yolanda Jacobs, from inner-city Philadelphia and Lily Rendell, from the affluent suburbs of Long Island landed at Rutgers University in Camden and were thrown together as roommates as they began their college careers. Not only were their backgrounds vastly disparate, but their academic pursuits could not have been more at odds either. However, none of that mattered as the two quickly become inseparable friends.

When the Christmas holidays came around, Lily asked Yolanda to join her at her family’s cabin, a recurrent long-term rental at Atsion Lakes in Wharton State Forest. Yolanda, the city girl, had never ventured into the outdoors as was offered by Lily and she took her up on her offer.

They had planned on a few days out at the cabin for Christmas, with perhaps the possibility of staying on through New Year’s. As they reached the cabin, a snowstorm blew in, but Yolanda was sure Lily could handle everything and despite some minor concerns, she soon relaxed. After arriving at the cabin late on December 23rd, the girls got up early the next day to go out and let Yolanda get a first taste of being in the woods and preparing for their Christmas Eve dinner celebration.

However, as the day went on, another storm blew in and despite her vast knowledge of the area, Lily soon became disoriented in the weather and they became lost. Lily finally spied an old dilapidated cabin in a clearing that they ran into for refuge from the storm. It seemed safe at first, but soon unexplainable haunted events arose.

As the incidents continued, Lily and Yolanda fled the cabin as it shook and trembled, dashing out into the raging storm having no idea where they were or where they were going. As they ran, they encountered a lone man on a trail. They called for his help fearing for their lives from whatever was going on back at the cabin. Is this man their savior or someone that could destroy not only their friendship but end their lives as well?

November 10, 2018

The Haunting of Harmony House Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Harmony House

The Haunting of Harmony House Has Been Released!

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Ah…the search for hotbeds of paranormal activity and haunted houses…what comes to mind? New Orleans…sure! Maybe New England? Possibly…or for those abroad, who can deny that the United Kingdom is not rife with legend after legend of castles, pubs, and ordinary residences that come supplied with ghosts aplenty? But Virginia? Don’t laugh so loud…though the United States is relatively young as a country relative to many other parts of the world, that does not mean parts of the original American colonies should not be in contention as well. Even though the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts in 1620, the colony of new settlers in Jamestown, VA was already thirteen years old by then. In all that time, there was massive death, murder, and other assorted mayhem, all of which makes for lots of opportunities for hauntings.

This is evident in many historical texts focusing on the Virginia settlements, most notably that of Ferry Plantation House and Grace White Sherwood, known as the “Witch of Pungo” near Virginia Beach in the 1700’s. A lesser known phenomenon of a haunted house is that of Harmony House in nearby Suffolk. Harmony House was built in the mid to late 1800’s by Sampson Cross for his new bride, Harmony Adams. However, soon after moving his new bride into the new home, tragedy struck as Harmony died from “consumption” throwing Sampson into a debilitating depression causing him to take his own life.

Following this sad turn of events, several other occupants took up residence in Harmony House, including the notorious murderer, Lane Horn, who slaughtered his wife and three children there. One after another of new residents all seemed to be taken over by something that resided in Harmony House as well. Something that was not visible to the human eye, but very viable all the same. Soon the legend of Harmony House spread and no one in town would even go near the place. That was until the advent of the Cold War with the former Soviet Union blossomed and housing was needed for the rush of transplants looking for defense work.

Even so, no one could be enticed to live at Harmony House. However, an ambitious local realtor, Marilyn Krieger, hot off a great number of successes at her firm took on the property, sure she could do what no one else had ever done: sell Harmony House. Initially, she had the same roadblocks as everyone else. But then along came Arianne Walker and Jack Sawyer. Arianne and Jack were local kids from Suffolk and were well-versed on the legends and tales associated with Harmony House. But it was just those stories and rumors of the place that spurred them on. Arianne and Jack are set on going into the ghost hunting business, and Harmony House seems like just the test ground they need to make a name for themselves.

Marilyn reluctantly took their offer for the house, and the young couple set off in their new home to set themselves up as the premier ghost hunter service in the area, “The Harmony House Ghost Hunters”. Arianne is a firm believer in the field, and though Jack is highly supportive, he, unlike Arianne has never even seen a ghost. After making the place marginally livable, the couple begins their work to establish the business. However, on their first night there, what Arianne has conjured up is way more malevolent than anything she has ever encountered before, and she soon feels over her head as Jack suddenly vanishes during their initial session.

Has Arianne gone too far? Has her hubris and overconfidence in her abilities put Jack in real danger or maybe even worse? Can she save him and protect herself from an entity that Arianne thinks she may have glimpsed earlier in a reflection in a mirror? You’ll have to read it all to find out for sure…

October 24, 2018

The Haunting of Drummond-Evans Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Drummond Evans Mansion

The Haunting of Drummond-Evans Mansion Has Been Released!

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Herbert von Kraken, in his warped mind, sought to combine the two avocations of medicine and the black arts and ventured to the von Kraken Mansion very intent on dedicating his research interests to gaining control over life and death. In the process of his research, he accidentally poisoned his brother Michael in an attempt to prolong his brother’s life following a prolonged illness. As time went by, Herbert fell deeper and deeper into madness before authorities discovered him living in the cellar of the mansion, the rotting corpse of his brother, Michael, in one corner while he sat and addressed the family housecat, Spangles, as if it was in fact, Michael.

The old von Kraken Mansion stood empty for years until a Mr. Richard Drummond-Evans came to assume the property with the intent of offering it as a guest house and tourist attraction for the paranormal curious crowd. However, eventually, too many inexplicable events began to drive more and more people away, including Drummond-Evans who is said to have fled the premises in the middle of the night, fearing for his life. Again, the once stately mansion fell into disrepair and neglect and only the most intrepid adventurers came calling. Which brings us to life at the mansion in this century.

Three young students enrolled at Troy University in the fall of 2016. A woman, Sally Joseph was a local from Savannah, Trent Ryder hailed from south Boston, and Josh Peterson from rural Indiana. The three were strangers upon arrival but soon developed a tight friendship. Josh had a romantic interest in Sally, but was simply too shy and lacking on self-confidence to pursue anything more than a friendship with her. However, once he introduced Sally to his buddy, Trent, sparks flew and they were soon a couple. Josh was somewhat disappointed at how things had unfolded but stayed close friends with both. As Halloween approached that semester, Josh wanted to do something special for Sally and knowing her passion for all things paranormal, he came upon the Drummond-Evans, formerly known as the von Kraken Mansion, and suggested the three of them poke around the old place on Halloween night with the hopes of having Sally see and/or hear some ghosts.

When they arrived, the mansion appeared to be just one of many old, rundown, crumbling estates that could be found all around the region. In fact, even after they had explored around for the entire evening, the only unusual finding was this skinny, somewhat emaciated black cat that startled the trio when it toppled a candlestick holder in the cellar. Sally felt sorry for the poor thing and scooped him up to give him a better home. However, no sooner than they had left the mansion with Sally’s new pet cat, then the seemingly benign mansion began to turn on them…or at least that is how Josh felt.

As they drove away from the mansion, their car goes dead and then all manner of nightmarish events befell them. Has removing the cat from the mansion unleashed the revenge that Herbert von Kraken promised on his deathbed? Or is Josh seeing more than is really there as the skeptical Trent bushes it all off as nothing? When things turn more lethal, can Josh convince Trent that the legend may, in fact, be real despite his high degree of agnosticism toward the paranormal? Or would simply returning the cat to the mansion reverse the curse of Herbert’s legend and put all things back as they were? Read along now and see if Sally, Trent, and Josh can figure it all out before it is too late…

September 26, 2018

The Haunting of Ashley Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Ashley Mansion

The Haunting of Ashley Mansion Has Been Released!

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Where in the United States will you find a greater concentration of and a more vivid assortment of haunted dwellings than in New Orleans? Oh…perhaps due to local pride or some an overreaching Chamber of Commerce marketing representative trying to draw in more tourist traffic and dollars in New England, there might be a vote or two. But an unbiased and purely subjective survey will inevitably return to the macabre deep south of The Big Easy. Most of the places in this area have colorful and intricate historical backgrounds reaching even as far back as the 17th century. But have you ever heard the one about The Ashley Mansion? I thought not. The Ashley Mansion is a relatively young haunting, dating only from the 1970’s and it often gets overshadowed by much more famous locales such as the Lalaurie House in the French Quarter to name one you may have heard of.

In the 1960’s, a young couple, Bryan and Ellen Ashley came back home to New Orleans following college to begin a family and they stumbled upon a rare open patch of ground in the 7th Ward that they built a classic 2-story brick home on. As a joke, and poke fun at some of their pretentious neighbors, they laughingly christened the house Ashley Mansion, despite its rather modest appearance. All was well for years, even as they had their first child, Brandon, but when Bryan was murdered by a disgruntled former client, all that changed. Ellen fell into a downward spiral of alcoholism and drug abuse, eventually turning her anger and depression outward on young Brandon, beating him mercilessly when she was under the influence.

Eventually, after no one in town would believe the young boy, he murdered his mother to stop the abuse, only to take his own life in a cloud of confusion, guilt, and rage. Authorities wrote off the incident to the child’s PTSD, and the house went unoccupied for years. No one anywhere within miles wanted anything to do with a place that had the dark cloud hanging over it that the Ashley House did. At least, that is, until Dr. Myranda Black, fresh off her internship and residency in Arizona came to town to work at The Tulane Medical Center’s new cancer clinic. Myranda had a bustling professional life but was still reeling personally as she had discovered she could not have children, a long-time dream for her.

Myranda arrived in town accompanied by her beloved Labrador retrievers, Blondie and Scout, both adopted from a shelter in Arizona as well as her cat, Violet, who was left on her doorstep by a neighbor in Chandler. The local realtor in New Orleans listing the Ashley Mansion purposely withheld the backstory of the place from Myranda when the good doctor was thrilled with it. She was just glad to get the albatross of a listing off her hands. Myranda is not much of a believer in anything supernatural or otherworldly, relying on her scientific and medical training to answer any oddities that cross her path.

But soon, it is apparent something in Ashley House is not quite right…things are happening to Myranda that her education and training are not able to solve. Inexplicable screeching and crashing sounds from inside…the feeling of hands on her when no one is around…a crying child that seems invisible. Not only is it freaking out Myranda, but even Blondie and Scout are not themselves. Myranda begins to question her sanity as she cannot explain it all. Does the house have malevolent spirits as housemates she would prefer to not have? Or is it simply the atmosphere and aura of old New Orleans that is getting to Myranda and making her imagination run wild? Perhaps someone is trying to drive her mad…Take a read and find out for yourself as Myranda Black gets a good taste of life in Cajun Country.

August 12, 2018

The Haunting of Glass Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Glass Mansion

The Haunting of Glass Mansion Has Been Released!

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Rhiannon Martel and Kristen Layton are two average university students struggling to make ends meet in Carmarthen, Wales. Unlike many of their friends from back home in Cardiff, they wanted to distance themselves from their old environs and get a real taste of true independence, both financially and emotionally. For a long time, all had gone well for the congenial pair, who had been close personal friends since they were very young. But just recently, a snag in their financial aid had arisen putting them in dire straits, monetarily. They were behind in their rent to their overbearing landlady, Mrs. Langdon, whom they shared the lower level of a duplex with and were facing a potential eviction if they could not settle their debts with her.

Knowing it would possibly be months before their financial aid problems could be resolved and they would be able to work full-time during the summer, Rhiannon answered an advertisement that had been posted in a local coffee shop in Carmarthen that seemed to be the answer to all their money woes. It was a simple two-week gig to look after the old Glass Mansion on the far outskirts of the village. The pay would fully cover what they owed Mrs. Langdon and despite Kristen’s concerns, Rhiannon was thrilled and was hired immediately by Gladys Glass, the current resident of the mansion, along with her husband, Henry.

Kristen’s concerns were not entirely unfounded. The Glass Mansion was the oldest and largest structure around the Carmarthen area, but it also carried a very dark and sinister past. The Glass Mansion had been built generations ago and passed down through time to a long lineage of Glass heirs. The legend of the mansion was well-known among the local residents and was trotted out regularly around Halloween. As the story goes, Henry’s great-great-great-great grandfather, who had built the mansion, had a son, Edmund who had a horrific accident as a young boy. It left him hideously disfigured which made him a prime target for a variety of tormentors in town. An adolescent prank then went badly and Edmund was decapitated. In the years since, Edmund’s ghost is reputed to have kept residence in the mansion, arising every five years to take his revenge on a local in Carmarthen.

Both Rhiannon and Kristen are well aware of the legend, but the overriding need for money makes Rhiannon brush off all the talk in the village as nonsense. She does not buy into anything supernatural, but Kristen, on the other hand, is a firm believer in such things. Knowing they have no other real options, Kristen finally accedes to Rhiannon’s proposal to accept the job and they set off together with Kristen’s new boyfriend, Drew Andreas, to take care of the mansion while Henry and Gladys are away on holiday. They have plans to spend the first night there hanging out and watching horror movies…as Rhiannon told the couple, “what could be cooler than horror movies in a touted haunted house?”

However, early into their stay, things begin to occur in the Glass Mansion that seem to indicate that perhaps all the old stories and legends surrounding the Glass clan and the mansion could have some merit after all. Are all the inexplicable noises signs of the ghost of Edmund Glass or is staying in a supposedly haunted house making imaginations run wild? Can Kristen and Drew convince the stubbornly skeptical Rhiannon that something is awry in the old place before it is too late? Come along with our trio as they enter the world of the Glass Mansion and the fabled Headless Horseman where reality and the supernatural seem to be on a collision course with dangerous consequences for all.

July 23, 2018

The Haunting of Cleeman House Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Cleeman House

The Haunting of Cleeman House Has Been Released!

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Back in the 17th century, the cholera epidemic tore through the United Kingdom ravaging the countryside like a wildfire. No town or village or hamlet seemed immune as the poor health and sanitation conditions of the day were a rich breeding ground for the causative bacterium. Larger cities finally saw the connection and had the financial resources to deal with it, but smaller outlying villages were not so fortunate. Such was the case with the small hamlet of Poolewe, that sits between the lochs of Ewe and Maree in northern Scotland. A young girl, Helen, found herself suddenly orphaned after both her parents were killed by the pandemic of 1832.

Helen was shuttled off to a faltering foster home in Poolewe, The Cleeman House, and soon found herself at the hands of a trio of despicable young girls that forced young Helen into a decision that eventually led to her suicide. Generations went by, and Cleeman House was refurbished and repurposed over and over until it became a modern set of modern flats in 2005. Despite the variety of uses that Cleeman House had been, the one constant that remained was the legend that the young girl, Helen, still haunted the building.

Nadia Ralston had been living an idyllic life in Glasgow with her barrister husband, Richard until she discovered he had been having a series of affairs all over Glasgow for years. Nadia left Glasgow with her two young children, Sophie and Jack and came to Poolewe looking for a fresh start running a new branch of her company’s firm based in Glasgow. After much searching, Nadia finally found the perfect space for them on the top floor of the Cleeman House and they settled in quickly.

However, Nadia soon began to sense that something was amiss in their new expansive flat atop the old building. She could not put her finger on it exactly, but it was like someone was watching them. Soon, her daughter Sophie, a normally cheerful and outgoing child began to lash out at her fellow classmates with no apparent provocation. And her young son, Jack is plagued by sights and sounds that only he seems to be able to detect. Nadia’s part-time nanny, Tania Reddick, is trying to help her figure all of this out, but there seems to be no rational explanation for the oddities.

When Sophie invents an imaginary friend, who she insists lives within their walls, Nadia begins to question everything. Are her kids suffering from separate forms of mental illness? Or is something more insidious going on at Cleeman House than she knows of? Tania has mentioned the old legend of Cleeman House to Nadia as a goof, but the longer the pall of the place hangs over Nadia, the more she begins to suspect a supernatural explanation. Is the spirit of Helen at play or is Nadia letting her imagination run wild to find an answer? Come along as Nadia struggles to keep her family safe and with Tania’s help, figure out what is real and what is just imagination.

July 12, 2018

The Haunting of Yellow Sulphur Springs – The Butcher’s Surprise Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Yellow Sulphur Springs

The Haunting of Yellow Sulphur Springs – The Butcher’s Surprise Has Been Released!

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The old establishment known as The Virginia Meat Emporium still stands at the corner of Spruce and Larchmont in Yellow Sulfur, Virginia where it has been a landmark building for as long as anyone in the small town just south of Blacksburg can recall. For generations, the locally-renown butchery had been a favorite of everyone. Larry Evans was the last of the Evans clan to run the small outlet, having taken over from his uncle in the 1960’s when the old man encountered health problems that would no longer allow him to see to it on a day-to-day basis. Larry brought the business to new heights of success once he took the helm, but as was later discovered, Larry had a very dark side that came to light only after his suicide as police were about to arrest him.

Years went by, and as the truth and a variety of outlandish rumors and assorted innuendo of what might have and might not have gone on behind the doors of the shop emerged, the site became nothing more than a draw for the curious. You see, it seems that Larry had a bit of a homicidal issue and following his death, it became a legend among the locals that perhaps Larry had been serving something a little more on the exotic side at his store that went beyond beef, pork, and chicken. It was just talk, but soon enough it became accepted as the truth and The Virginia Meat Emporium was a tourist destination.

No locals would venture close due to the tall tales as well as the strange sights and sounds that were often reported coming from the shuttered and dilapidated building. The decades went by, and the stories faded unless you were a long-time resident of Yellow Sulfur. Then in 2005, two young undergraduate students from Virginia Tech, Josh Jackson, and Kylie White ventured into Yellow Sulfur for the summer. Neither had any desire to go back home for the summer, and they were wanting to try their hand at independence from their parents for the summer season. A recent trip to Yellow Sulfur convinced them it was perfect. Yellow Sulfur is typical of most small American towns, and therefore the employment opportunities are few and far between, other than at the Yellow Sulfur Springs Resort, just outside of town.

However, soon after they arrived, Josh discovered a posting at the old butcher’s shop for a paid apprenticeship and he applied immediately, finding the owner a bit odd, but knew it would meld in nicely with his study of animal sciences back in Blacksburg. What neither Josh nor Kylie is aware of, however, is that the owner who posted the advertisement at the shop was Larry Evans. The same Larry Evans who has been dead for over thirty years. When Josh does not return home after the first day of his apprenticeship, Kylie goes looking for him.

What she stumbles into, though, is far beyond anything she could ever imagine. How is it a man who ended his own life in the 1960’s is still around to take on an apprentice? Come along with Kylie as she steps over a dangerous threshold that will challenge her very belief system as she tries to unravel what has become of Josh. Will she arrive in time to figure it all out or will she just be fortunate enough to escape with her own skin in the end?

May 22, 2018

Haunted House Fear: 12 Book Haunted House Box Set Has Been Released!

Haunted House Fear 12 Book Haunted House Box Set

Haunted House Fear: 12 Book Haunted House Box Set Has Been Released!

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Great Value 12 Book Box Set – Available at this price for a limited time only.



Grab all twelve haunted house stories for one low price! You get all 12 complete stories in the Haunted House Fear boxed set.

Riley Amitrani gives readers scary horror stories complete with terrifying encounters involving supernatural entities like ghosts and spirits. There is something that is sinister, evil and dark in every one of these locations, which include houses, hotels, pubs, hospitals, mansions and more! Each one has it’s own horrific, frightening and twisted past…

The Box Set Includes:

The Haunting of Prescott House
The Haunting of Luciano House
The Haunting of Perry Property
The Haunting of Alfred House
The Haunting of Woodchester Mansion
The Haunting of Magnolia House
The Haunting of Excelsior Hotel
The Haunting of Shawcroft House
The Haunting of Sanderson Mansion
The Haunting of Carver’s Arms Pub
The Haunting of Westmore Hospital
The Haunting of Sunnyday House

What are you waiting for? Start reading the Haunted House Fear box set now…or are you too afraid?