November 16, 2018

The Christmas Eve Haunting Has Been Released!

The Christmas Eve Haunting

The Christmas Eve Haunting Has Been Released!

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A portion of Wharton State Forest in New Jersey was sold off back in the 1950’s and became a quasi-private retreat. In the late 1950’s, Charles Ridgemont struck a deal with the state to acquire a portion of the park for his own personal development. He made his money in a variety of endeavors, which were highly suspected of being tied to organized crime. He built cabins in and around Atsion Lake for use by his family and close associates. Many knew of the place, often referred to in the day as Ridgemont Acres. It was advised for those in the know to not venture too close.

One day, however, Ridgemont and all close to him just “disappeared” as the FBI reported. The property sat vacant until a distant relative, Richard Bellingham, was found to whom the property was gifted in Ridgemont’s will. Bellingham brought the place back to respectability and soon the place was open to all as a rental opportunity.

All was well after this for Bellingham. He recovered from his financial setback and had few worries. That was until he sold the last lot to Benjamin Jinks. Jinks was a respected man, but in the mid-1970’s, when Bellingham made his annual spring inspection of the development, he found that Jinks had, apparently over the Christmas holidays, committed a triple murder/suicide. For Bellingham, the responsibility he felt was overwhelming and he soon took his own life. Between the Jinks massacre and Bellingham’s suicide, owners began to report seeing and hearing inexplicable things close to the cabin where the murders occurred.

The Atsion Lake resort again sat nearly vacant until Larry Peters, a real estate speculator, who had zero belief in all the stories that swirled around the place, bought everything and made it once again a desirable destination. The former owners were happy to unload their cabins to Peters and he turned the entire resort back to an all rental operation. From that point forward, there seemed to be no further talk of anything supernatural.

In present day, Yolanda Jacobs, from inner-city Philadelphia and Lily Rendell, from the affluent suburbs of Long Island landed at Rutgers University in Camden and were thrown together as roommates as they began their college careers. Not only were their backgrounds vastly disparate, but their academic pursuits could not have been more at odds either. However, none of that mattered as the two quickly become inseparable friends.

When the Christmas holidays came around, Lily asked Yolanda to join her at her family’s cabin, a recurrent long-term rental at Atsion Lakes in Wharton State Forest. Yolanda, the city girl, had never ventured into the outdoors as was offered by Lily and she took her up on her offer.

They had planned on a few days out at the cabin for Christmas, with perhaps the possibility of staying on through New Year’s. As they reached the cabin, a snowstorm blew in, but Yolanda was sure Lily could handle everything and despite some minor concerns, she soon relaxed. After arriving at the cabin late on December 23rd, the girls got up early the next day to go out and let Yolanda get a first taste of being in the woods and preparing for their Christmas Eve dinner celebration.

However, as the day went on, another storm blew in and despite her vast knowledge of the area, Lily soon became disoriented in the weather and they became lost. Lily finally spied an old dilapidated cabin in a clearing that they ran into for refuge from the storm. It seemed safe at first, but soon unexplainable haunted events arose.

As the incidents continued, Lily and Yolanda fled the cabin as it shook and trembled, dashing out into the raging storm having no idea where they were or where they were going. As they ran, they encountered a lone man on a trail. They called for his help fearing for their lives from whatever was going on back at the cabin. Is this man their savior or someone that could destroy not only their friendship but end their lives as well?

Riley Amitrani

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