January 13, 2019

The Haunting of Abberfield Church Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Abberfield Church

The Haunting of Abberfield Church Has Been Released!

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The Yorkshire Dales is a bucolic and beautiful place where to some degree time has maybe not stopped, but at least slowed down as the rest of the world has continued to grow and get more congested and “modern.” It is in the wilds of the Dales that a small village, Abberfield, lies and is as representative of the area as any other small hamlet. The mostly agricultural township does, however, have a story that a lot of locals there would just assume you not ask about and if you should happen to be privy to it to keep it to yourself.

In the mid-1800s, a small chapel was erected by the Church of England (COE) at the special request of the residents, and for many years was the sole place of worship for them. But in 1935, a horrific fire swept through the church killing a number of its parishioners that became trapped inside. The tragedy struck at the hearts of the townsfolk, and the church was shuttered, never again to be used based on the grief and sorrow associated with it. The COE never tried to do anything more with the structure, leaving it as it had been after the fire, and building a new structure closer to town. The residents appreciated the gesture looking upon the old church as both part memorial for their lost friends and partly due to a legend that began to spread about a possible haunting of the chapel.

And so, it remained virtually abandoned and crumbling until 2015, when an independent builder, Darren Baker, was made aware of it from a colleague. He and his wife, Louise, along with their two children, Ava, age five and Logan, age two, were looking to depart the hustle and bustle of the city for a more rural location and better place to raise their family. Darren and Louise struck a deal with the COE to purchase the old place which came along with an extensive bit of acreage with the idea of renovating the old church into a private home to allow them their dream of rural life. Though the deal they negotiated with the COE seemed too good to be true, neither Darren nor Louise thought much more of it and moved ahead with their plans. It had been obvious that a fire had at one time torched the old church, but they had no idea of the details.

However, no sooner than they had arrived at the site, living in a caravan camper while they renovated the church, a myriad of events began to come flying at them relentlessly. An odd assortment of bibles and crosses appeared inside the caravan – one of the bibles was even charred as if to remind them of the fire. The interior of the church was infested with thousands of bats. Building material went vandalized and tossed about. Both Ava and Logan began to undergo personality changes that seemed to coincide with their arrival. All of this on top of the board of Abberfield making it clear that they did not approve of this renovation. An unknown man from town then arrives to offer to buy back the church from them for more than they originally paid. And Logan comes home telling of a new mysterious friend that he has made in town.

As even more strange events continue to pile up, Louise begins to think there may be something more sinister going on associated with the old church than anyone in town is willing to talk about. This comes to a head when she gets the real story from a property manager in town who gave her the details of the legend associated with the old Abberfield Church and the rumors of the man called just “Malcolm.” However, Darren has his heart set on finishing up the renovation despite all the “tall tales” the locals are feeding Louise.

Are the locals just “telling tales out of school” to scare them off because they are new to town? Or has Louise stumbled onto something more serious and perhaps true despite the supernatural element that she really does not buy into in general? Can Louise convince Darren that they may be in real danger or is she just letting her imagination run wild?

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