June 30, 2019

The Haunting of Bonner Springs Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Bonner Springs

The Haunting of Crooked Cottage Has Been Released!

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Bonner Springs was just another typical small rural wide spot in the road in northeastern Kansas between Lawrence and Topeka in the 1950s. Following World War II, the residents there, just as much of the rest of America, were trying to put the conflict behind them and go back to a regular life.

Dr. William Crisp and his wife, Rebecca, came to town for a lot of the same reasons that made them who they were from childhood: rural and easy-going. Dr. Crisp was the town physician running his practice out of their home while Rebecca took care of their son, Charlie. Rebecca had endured a horrific experience as a little girl, and by virtue of that fact, she and William went a bit overboard in trying to create a protective shell around Charlie.

With no warning, and at the total shock and dismay of the Bonner Springs community, Charlie Crisp walked calmly out behind the house one morning and hung himself. The home was abandoned and time passed, but as is often the case in such things, stories soon spread that the ghost of Charlie Crisp still lived in and around his boyhood home and as the legend grew so did the inability to sell the lovely cottage just off the main drag in town.

Years later, Matt and Darby Crawford and their two children, Melody, age 19, and Jasper, age 12, were living an idyllic life in Bonner Springs. And for a time, all was well. Matt worked as a writer, while Darby continued to build her own business. The kids were off to school, and it was all they had dreamed of. But when Melody begins to hear strange creaking and groaning sounds around the house at night, accompanied by phantom footsteps, she suspects all may not be as idyllic as they had hoped for.

Is Melody onto something or is it as she fears that she may be losing her mind and just imagining it all? Could it be that the house actually is a harbor for the legend that has survived among Bonner Springs’ residents for over sixty years? Take a trip along with Melody Crawford as she digs into her fears and anxiety to try and find the truth…

Riley Amitrani

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