August 8, 2019

The Haunting of Carroway Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Carroway Mansion

The Haunting of Carroway Mansion Has Been Released!

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Elizabeth Barnes was a former actress in California who found herself no longer capable of stomaching what was required of her to land roles she desired, so she took to behind-the-camera skills and formed her own production company.

Liz’s niche was the paranormal and horror, and when she heard of this old abandoned mansion in England known as The Carroway Mansion and then saw it for herself online, she knew it was perfect for her first feature film. She recruited a sound engineer, Samuel Fisher, and a lighting engineer, Emily Hilson, to join her as they ventured to Threlkeld to join forces with a young and aspiring British actress, Clara Wentworth, to try and be the next big thing in the indie film world.

The Carroway Mansion was all that Liz and her team had dreamed of, but all the locals are giving them a weird vibe about the old place, though no one really wants to talk about it. Almost immediately, Liz encounters glitch after glitch while on location, starts hearing strange things, sees visions around the mansion and even worse.

Will the strange occurrences at the mansion be enough to shatter the bonds of friendship that Liz and her crew have? Are all the peculiarities of the mansion just nothing, or is there some real danger at The Carroway Mansion that goes back generations? Read along to decide for yourself as Liz struggles for her film as well as just her own sanity…

Riley Amitrani

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