July 23, 2018

The Haunting of Cleeman House Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Cleeman House

The Haunting of Cleeman House Has Been Released!

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Back in the 17th century, the cholera epidemic tore through the United Kingdom ravaging the countryside like a wildfire. No town or village or hamlet seemed immune as the poor health and sanitation conditions of the day were a rich breeding ground for the causative bacterium. Larger cities finally saw the connection and had the financial resources to deal with it, but smaller outlying villages were not so fortunate. Such was the case with the small hamlet of Poolewe, that sits between the lochs of Ewe and Maree in northern Scotland. A young girl, Helen, found herself suddenly orphaned after both her parents were killed by the pandemic of 1832.

Helen was shuttled off to a faltering foster home in Poolewe, The Cleeman House, and soon found herself at the hands of a trio of despicable young girls that forced young Helen into a decision that eventually led to her suicide. Generations went by, and Cleeman House was refurbished and repurposed over and over until it became a modern set of modern flats in 2005. Despite the variety of uses that Cleeman House had been, the one constant that remained was the legend that the young girl, Helen, still haunted the building.

Nadia Ralston had been living an idyllic life in Glasgow with her barrister husband, Richard until she discovered he had been having a series of affairs all over Glasgow for years. Nadia left Glasgow with her two young children, Sophie and Jack and came to Poolewe looking for a fresh start running a new branch of her company’s firm based in Glasgow. After much searching, Nadia finally found the perfect space for them on the top floor of the Cleeman House and they settled in quickly.

However, Nadia soon began to sense that something was amiss in their new expansive flat atop the old building. She could not put her finger on it exactly, but it was like someone was watching them. Soon, her daughter Sophie, a normally cheerful and outgoing child began to lash out at her fellow classmates with no apparent provocation. And her young son, Jack is plagued by sights and sounds that only he seems to be able to detect. Nadia’s part-time nanny, Tania Reddick, is trying to help her figure all of this out, but there seems to be no rational explanation for the oddities.

When Sophie invents an imaginary friend, who she insists lives within their walls, Nadia begins to question everything. Are her kids suffering from separate forms of mental illness? Or is something more insidious going on at Cleeman House than she knows of? Tania has mentioned the old legend of Cleeman House to Nadia as a goof, but the longer the pall of the place hangs over Nadia, the more she begins to suspect a supernatural explanation. Is the spirit of Helen at play or is Nadia letting her imagination run wild to find an answer? Come along as Nadia struggles to keep her family safe and with Tania’s help, figure out what is real and what is just imagination.

Riley Amitrani

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