June 18, 2019

The Haunting of Crooked Cottage Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Crooked Cottage

The Haunting of Crooked Cottage Has Been Released!

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Whitby, England has one unique structure that makes it stand out amongst the rest, known as the Crooked Cottage. The cottage has been there for as long as anyone in Whitby can remember and has stood at this crazy angle to the horizon of the North Sea.

Its most recent owner, Cecilia Adams, a home-town girl, had lived there for years. Cecilia was not what you would call warm and welcoming, at least according to her neighbors, but neither was she nasty nor mean. However, she had made it clear that she preferred her privacy, and everyone in Whitby just let her be writing it off to eccentricity.

That is until her two nephews, Ted and Josh, and niece, Alice, came to live with her after their family in the south just fell apart. Whitby residents were shocked to see her take them in with open arms and soon her own personality seemed to turn on a dime as well, often waving happily to those she had previously had no time for. But then one day, the brief reprieve in Alicia’s countenance went south.

On a rainy fall night, Alice came to the kitchen of the cottage to find her Aunt Alicia unconscious in a pool of blood, apparently having tried to commit suicide. The background remained a mystery, but the fallout was that the children were removed to three separate foster homes, Alicia was committed to an asylum, and the Crooked Cottage went dark.

Years went by, and adult Alice, Ted, and Josh received letters from a solicitor informing them that their aunt had died and had named as joint owners of the Crooked Cottage. They had all just about forgotten about the little home in Whitby as they had all gone their own ways with new lives and interests. But the chance to reunite again was enough to bring the siblings back to Whitby again to figure out what to do with their unexpected windfall.

However, once they came home, new information and strange occurrences suddenly came to light, making them realize the Crooked Cottage might not have been the idyllic place they remembered from their childhood. Both Ted and Josh make discoveries that cause them to wonder if some sort of paranormal force might be at play. Alice refuses to buy into their ghost theory, yet struggles to overcome her bad memories of having been the one to find Cecilia that night long ago.

Are Ted and Josh right about the cottage being haunted? Or are they just letting their imaginations run wild as Alice tries to tell them? And once they dig deeper into the situation, is it possible that their Aunt Cecilia was not the person they had thought? Come along with our adventurous trio as they try and distinguish reality from imagination.

Riley Amitrani

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