April 5, 2020

The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel

The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel Has Been Released!

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Come on an adventure in England to the mysterious Dartmont Arms Hotel. The current owner, Peter Price, had been under some suspicion when his pregnant wife disappeared some decades ago. The hotel staff reported some sinister possibilities at the time, but the body of his wife was ever found. Price walked away, saying she had simply run off with a lover she was having an affair with. Was Peter telling the truth? What really happened to Peter’s wife?

Two cousins, Jackie Ramirez and Andy Collingwood, came to The Dartmont Arms Hotel for a family wedding. Even after nearly six years of not seeing each other in person, they easily redeveloped their close bond by reminiscing about the trouble they got into as children. Will The Dartmont Arms Hotel be able to present them with situations that make the mischief they got into as kids pale in comparison?

While snooping around the old hotel, after getting bored at the wedding reception, the cousins come across increasingly strange scenarios. Their curiosity continued to be aroused, and they found themselves drawn into places that perhaps would have been best left alone. What will they discover about the history of the hotel?

Did the cousins actually discover something that is intimately tied to Peter Price and the disappearance of his former wife, Alice, or are their imaginations and proclivities for mischief working overtime? Will Jackie and Andy’s exploration of the hotel strengthen the familial bonds between them, or are there paranormal forces that cannot be explained that will lead to their ultimate demise?

Read “The Haunting of Dartmont Arms Hotel” now to find out…

Riley Amitrani

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