June 22, 2020

The Haunting of Devil’s Pit Pub Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Devil's Pit Pub

The Haunting of Devil’s Pit Pub Has Been Released!

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Jude White endured a childhood full of unspeakable torment. With the death of her mother, having a drunken father, and attending a boarding school where she was bullied mercilessly, things seemed hopeless for Jude. Jude’s only friend and confidant was a girl named Summer. But one day, even Summer had been mysteriously taken away from Jude by an unexplainable phenomenon.

Jude has finally made it into adulthood and is now attending law school. She has started a new job at a dive bar called Devil’s Pit Pub. Shortly after her seedy boss named Frank assigns her to a variety of odd and degrading jobs around the pub, she is confronted with flickering lights, cold spells, and mysterious sounds.

Jude decides that she must do whatever she can to escape the horrors of the present and to escape the dark memories of her past. These events force Jude to try and solve the mystery surrounding the death of a local rock legend named Killian Graves. Add on the fact that a shady cop seems to be stalking her every move, and one must wonder if Jude was cursed from birth.

Will Jude overcome the scars of her past in time to give peace of mind to those who need it and prevent a massacre? Or will she be too late to stop tragedy from unfolding?

Read “The Haunting of Devil’s Pit Pub” now to find out…

Riley Amitrani

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