October 24, 2018

The Haunting of Drummond-Evans Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Drummond Evans Mansion

The Haunting of Drummond-Evans Mansion Has Been Released!

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Herbert von Kraken, in his warped mind, sought to combine the two avocations of medicine and the black arts and ventured to the von Kraken Mansion very intent on dedicating his research interests to gaining control over life and death. In the process of his research, he accidentally poisoned his brother Michael in an attempt to prolong his brother’s life following a prolonged illness. As time went by, Herbert fell deeper and deeper into madness before authorities discovered him living in the cellar of the mansion, the rotting corpse of his brother, Michael, in one corner while he sat and addressed the family housecat, Spangles, as if it was in fact, Michael.

The old von Kraken Mansion stood empty for years until a Mr. Richard Drummond-Evans came to assume the property with the intent of offering it as a guest house and tourist attraction for the paranormal curious crowd. However, eventually, too many inexplicable events began to drive more and more people away, including Drummond-Evans who is said to have fled the premises in the middle of the night, fearing for his life. Again, the once stately mansion fell into disrepair and neglect and only the most intrepid adventurers came calling. Which brings us to life at the mansion in this century.

Three young students enrolled at Troy University in the fall of 2016. A woman, Sally Joseph was a local from Savannah, Trent Ryder hailed from south Boston, and Josh Peterson from rural Indiana. The three were strangers upon arrival but soon developed a tight friendship. Josh had a romantic interest in Sally, but was simply too shy and lacking on self-confidence to pursue anything more than a friendship with her. However, once he introduced Sally to his buddy, Trent, sparks flew and they were soon a couple. Josh was somewhat disappointed at how things had unfolded but stayed close friends with both. As Halloween approached that semester, Josh wanted to do something special for Sally and knowing her passion for all things paranormal, he came upon the Drummond-Evans, formerly known as the von Kraken Mansion, and suggested the three of them poke around the old place on Halloween night with the hopes of having Sally see and/or hear some ghosts.

When they arrived, the mansion appeared to be just one of many old, rundown, crumbling estates that could be found all around the region. In fact, even after they had explored around for the entire evening, the only unusual finding was this skinny, somewhat emaciated black cat that startled the trio when it toppled a candlestick holder in the cellar. Sally felt sorry for the poor thing and scooped him up to give him a better home. However, no sooner than they had left the mansion with Sally’s new pet cat, then the seemingly benign mansion began to turn on them…or at least that is how Josh felt.

As they drove away from the mansion, their car goes dead and then all manner of nightmarish events befell them. Has removing the cat from the mansion unleashed the revenge that Herbert von Kraken promised on his deathbed? Or is Josh seeing more than is really there as the skeptical Trent bushes it all off as nothing? When things turn more lethal, can Josh convince Trent that the legend may, in fact, be real despite his high degree of agnosticism toward the paranormal? Or would simply returning the cat to the mansion reverse the curse of Herbert’s legend and put all things back as they were? Read along now and see if Sally, Trent, and Josh can figure it all out before it is too late…

Riley Amitrani

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