April 25, 2020

The Haunting of Grove Manor Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Grove Manor

The Haunting of Grove Manor Has Been Released!

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In Australia, in 1840, an architect named Albert demands that he get paid in full for the mansion he built. When William, the new owner of the mansion, refuses to pay Albert due to a small legal loophole, Albert tells William that he is placing a curse on him for stealing from him. William laughs at Albert and forces him to leave the property. They say that money is the root of all evil, but could Albert possibly have placed an actual curse on William?

A mysterious fire causes the mansion to nearly burn to the ground. Two separate and horrific deaths occur. One death is that of Albert, and the other death is that of William’s wife. William becomes insane due to the death of his wife and vows revenge of his own. How did Albert and William’s wife die? How far is William willing to go in order to get revenge on someone who is already dead?

In modern times, a British architect named Rob feels his life has no purpose after he breaks up with his girlfriend of many years. Rob wonders if things will change for the better when he is offered a job by a wealthy businesswoman named Emma. Emma wants Rob to travel to Australia to work on her mansion named Grove Manor. What will it take in order for Rob to accept Emma’s job?

As Emma’s mansion is being built, bizarre things start to happen. There are strange noises being heard. Things around the mansion start to vanish. Construction equipment is destroyed, workers are injured, and even worse. What could be the cause of all of this chaos? What can Emma and Rob discover about the history of the mansion that can help them complete their project instead of abandoning it? Will Emma and Rob remain only friendly co-workers, or are they destined to fall in love? Or are things so beyond their control that they will suffer a fate worse than death?

Read “The Haunting of Grove Manor” now to find out…

Riley Amitrani

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