November 10, 2018

The Haunting of Harmony House Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Harmony House

The Haunting of Harmony House Has Been Released!

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Ah…the search for hotbeds of paranormal activity and haunted houses…what comes to mind? New Orleans…sure! Maybe New England? Possibly…or for those abroad, who can deny that the United Kingdom is not rife with legend after legend of castles, pubs, and ordinary residences that come supplied with ghosts aplenty? But Virginia? Don’t laugh so loud…though the United States is relatively young as a country relative to many other parts of the world, that does not mean parts of the original American colonies should not be in contention as well. Even though the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts in 1620, the colony of new settlers in Jamestown, VA was already thirteen years old by then. In all that time, there was massive death, murder, and other assorted mayhem, all of which makes for lots of opportunities for hauntings.

This is evident in many historical texts focusing on the Virginia settlements, most notably that of Ferry Plantation House and Grace White Sherwood, known as the “Witch of Pungo” near Virginia Beach in the 1700’s. A lesser known phenomenon of a haunted house is that of Harmony House in nearby Suffolk. Harmony House was built in the mid to late 1800’s by Sampson Cross for his new bride, Harmony Adams. However, soon after moving his new bride into the new home, tragedy struck as Harmony died from “consumption” throwing Sampson into a debilitating depression causing him to take his own life.

Following this sad turn of events, several other occupants took up residence in Harmony House, including the notorious murderer, Lane Horn, who slaughtered his wife and three children there. One after another of new residents all seemed to be taken over by something that resided in Harmony House as well. Something that was not visible to the human eye, but very viable all the same. Soon the legend of Harmony House spread and no one in town would even go near the place. That was until the advent of the Cold War with the former Soviet Union blossomed and housing was needed for the rush of transplants looking for defense work.

Even so, no one could be enticed to live at Harmony House. However, an ambitious local realtor, Marilyn Krieger, hot off a great number of successes at her firm took on the property, sure she could do what no one else had ever done: sell Harmony House. Initially, she had the same roadblocks as everyone else. But then along came Arianne Walker and Jack Sawyer. Arianne and Jack were local kids from Suffolk and were well-versed on the legends and tales associated with Harmony House. But it was just those stories and rumors of the place that spurred them on. Arianne and Jack are set on going into the ghost hunting business, and Harmony House seems like just the test ground they need to make a name for themselves.

Marilyn reluctantly took their offer for the house, and the young couple set off in their new home to set themselves up as the premier ghost hunter service in the area, “The Harmony House Ghost Hunters”. Arianne is a firm believer in the field, and though Jack is highly supportive, he, unlike Arianne has never even seen a ghost. After making the place marginally livable, the couple begins their work to establish the business. However, on their first night there, what Arianne has conjured up is way more malevolent than anything she has ever encountered before, and she soon feels over her head as Jack suddenly vanishes during their initial session.

Has Arianne gone too far? Has her hubris and overconfidence in her abilities put Jack in real danger or maybe even worse? Can she save him and protect herself from an entity that Arianne thinks she may have glimpsed earlier in a reflection in a mirror? You’ll have to read it all to find out for sure…

Riley Amitrani

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