August 11, 2017

The Haunting of Luciano House Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Luciano House

The Haunting of Luciano House Has Been Released!

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Three couples, three different scenarios, over three different time periods in the same house experiencing some marked similarities.

We begin at the beginning, in 1964 with Hugh and Frances Luciano, who are expecting their first addition to their little family: pigeon pair twins. Frances is thrilled, Hugh not so much. He laments the loss of intimacy in their marriage: he had to beat her because she no longer relied solely on him for companionship. Why was she always on secret phone calls? But now that Frances is expecting these babies, things had to change, and Hugh would see to it that they did.

The house stands abandoned until some time in the 2000’s when George is transferred from America, and he and Eva buy the house. They have been trying to conceive, but every month they are disappointed, so they resort to medical assistance. Unfortunately this is not the only medical assistance Eva will be needing after they take up residence in the house.

It’s not long before George accuses her of hallucinating and hysterics, when she tries to explain to him her inexplicable experiences as she lies awake beside his sleeping form night after long night, and into the daylight hours when she is alone with the house. Then George starts accusing her of destroying his belongings and upending the house, frustratingly unprepared to listen to her version. Thankfully Eva’s American friend arrives for a visit and Eva has Beth to share these paranormal experiences, to prove she is not insane. But can the two women persuade George before it is too late?

Mike and Sara are the new owners of the house, and they are expecting twins…


Riley Amitrani

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