December 8, 2017

The Haunting of Magnolia House Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Magnolia House

The Haunting of Magnolia House Has Been Released!

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In 1972, three-year-old Sarah Summers went missing from her home Magnolia House in outer London. She was never found.

Over forty years later, a young couple car mechanic Mickey and budding writer Jess buy the now run-down Magnolia House as their first home and renovation project. Mickey is excited to be fixing up his new home, but Jess isn’t so keen on their creepy abode.

With a secret cellar, noises at night, mysterious marks on the walls and the discovery of a creepy doll, Magnolia House is full of nasty surprises. Jess is a sceptic and thinks there must be a reasonable explanation for these spooky occurrences, but when she finds out a secret from the past she finds it ever harder to rationalise these events.

Is the house concealing a dark secret? Can Jess uncover the mystery of what happened to Sarah? And will the house destroy Mickey and Jess’s relationship first?

Riley Amitrani

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