December 26, 2019

The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion

The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion Has Been Released!

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In the 19th century, in the region in the United Kingdom known as Camden, a once a prosperous businessman named Barnsley, fell on hard times. He was forced to adjust his magnificent mansion, Barnsley Mansion, that he had constructed as a tribute to his ego, to become an orphanage.

However, it was an orphanage in name only. Its real inner working was a sweatshop for the emerging textile industry. To get the heart of the matter, Barnsley was, in the end, found dead of unknown causes with a number of the children having been in his charge simply missing. The orphanage was shut down and then sat vacant for over a hundred years. What was the real cause of death for Barnsley? Why were so many innocent children missing?

Fast forward to modern times where many came and went trying to live in the old mansion, but inexplicable sights and sounds drove them all off until music producer Simon and his ex-model wife Clarissa moved in with their two daughters. What exactly were these noises and sights, and what made Simon and Clarissa brave enough to ignore them and invest in the mansion?

Initially, all was well, but Clarissa grew more and more obsessed with her self-promotion, and her ego spun out of control and caused Simon and her to fight constantly. What could possibly have made Clarissa become such a narcissistic maniac? Are Simon and the children safe from her?

Then to add to the mix, something mysterious and horrifying was discovered in one of the gardens. But when weird and seemingly impossible events began to pop up around the mansion, having been renamed “Mistletoe Mansion” for Clarissa’s love of the yuletide, all bets were off. What exactly was discovered in the garden? Can Simon get the situation under control before the events at the mansion overwhelm them all or will Clarissa’s self-absorption be too much of a distraction? A Christmas feast is bound to be eaten, but just who or what will be enjoying it?

Read “The Haunting of Mistletoe Mansion” to find out…

Riley Amitrani

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