August 17, 2017

The Haunting of Perry Property Has Been Released!

The Haunting Of Perry Property

The Haunting of Perry Property Has Been Released!

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In 1970 Houndsvillle Virginia, the charismatic Victor Perry had quite an impressive following of his insidious cult, and their deceptively unchristian gatherings grew in number in that historic little clapboard church. Except that Victor was not the celibate, “Righteous Warrior” leader the cult members believed him to be. One too many of the attractive young lady ‘indoctrins’ became with child under him, and Victor’s executed punishment for this sin was sacrificial death. But the leader had fallen in love with this one.

And then came the cleansing at the hands of the Maura Community Church members.

The 120 year old little church was razed, to wipe out the evil that was committed on that hallowed ground.
Amberley Simmons, successfully fostered but never adopted, is now 20 and pregnant. Abandoned and without support, with only the small but distinctive silver cross on a thin sterling chain that she had started off her life with, Amberley successfully adults up. She secures a good job and a heaven-sent cottage set in a natural copse. As Amberley’s confinement draws to an end, the house makes sure of a familial reunion.

A night of terror, confusion and indescribable pain leads to a file of revelations, and yet another abandonment. Fate has an unconventional family situation lined up for Amberley and her newborn.

Can mom and baby pull off this cross-dimensional relationship?

Riley Amitrani

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