August 1, 2017

The Haunting of Prescott House Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Prescott House

The Haunting of Prescott House Has Been Released!

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In the autumn of 1959, Prescott House was the scene of a family murder and suicide.

During Spring 57 years later, three students are put up for a forced study break from Cambridge in the vacant, originally furnished home, by Amanda’s wealthy yet desperate father. Kim and Gemma are rather less well-off and rather more studious than the spoilt Amanda, and the three are rivals for top student status.

Amanda claims the master bedroom-en suite for herself, and starts experiencing inexplicable happenings all through the house and horribly overgrown grounds. She wakes habitually at the same ungodly hour of the morning, 12:35, throughout their stay in the house, and earns the wrath of Kim and Gemma, who begin to tire of her dramatics and become impatient with her unbelievable allegations.

Without the support of her study mates, and increasingly suspicious of their motives, Amanda embarks on a solo investigation into the history of Prescott House, beginning at the library in the small town nearby. The townspeople’s friendliness turn immediately to disdain once they know where she is residing, and she discovers definite duplicity afoot. A séance, possessed garden playground and chilling exploits in the en suite all lead the reader to a most unexpected destination.

Can any of these bizarre occurrences be put down to an Estate Agent’s desperation to sell the local haunted house? Will Kim and Gemma come around before it is too late? Could this somehow benefit the girls in their pursuit to become the Top Student amongst their peers?

Riley Amitrani

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