February 14, 2018

The Haunting of Sanderson Mansion Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Sanderson Mansion

The Haunting of Sanderson Mansion Has Been Released!

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Welcome one and all to New Orleans, Louisiana! In a city that is known for Mardi Gras, delicious southern food, jazz music, beads for deeds and non-stop parties on Bourbon St., I present to you instead with the darker side of “The Big Easy.”

Lisa Sanderson cannot sleep because it is now the twelfth night in a month that her husband Andrew Sanderson has come home from work late without a valid explanation. Lisa suspects that Andrew is cheating on her after discovering a revealing photo of a beautiful woman with the words Veronica and a phone number written on it in his coat pocket.

Lisa enlists the help of her friend Danny to investigate the situation further. Do Lisa and Danny use peace, love, forgiveness and logic with Andrew and Veronica or something a bit more devious and sinister?

The tenants eventually move out of Sanderson Mansion leaving a perfect opportunity for Abigail Thomas, her husband Grant Thomas and their five children to build a new life in New Orleans after coming from the mid-west. After Grant Thomas starts to perform sinful behavior, his daughter Jennie is suddenly haunted by visions of a mysterious woman covered in blood. The rest of the family have a difficult time believing in anything supernatural, so they write it off as nothing more than a nightmare.

But as time goes on and more sinful acts occur, each member of the household finds themselves experiencing haunted events similar to what Jennie had described. Will the Thomas family find out the origins of the house and be able to build a life there or will they pay the ultimate price when they learn that cheaters never win?

Riley Amitrani

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