April 17, 2018

The Haunting of Westmore Hospital – Behold the Doctor of Death

The Haunting of Westmore Hospital - Behold the Doctor of Death

The Haunting of Westmore Hospital – Behold the Doctor of Death Has Been Released!

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Jamie Ramirez is a sophomore at Brownington College in northern New Hampshire. She is well-liked and a star athlete, excelling in most all sports but touts soccer as her sport of choice. Her boyfriend, Bert Edwards, graduated the previous spring, but was able to secure an internship for a consulting firm close by that allowed them to continue to be able to see each other every day. As the soccer season got underway, Bert made his way over to the college pitch to watch Jamie spin her magic. However, just before halftime, Jamie sustains a serious ankle injury that sends her to Westmore Memorial Hospital for treatment.

It is not an overly debilitating break, but the orthopedic team at the hospital requests that Jamie stay at least overnight so they can make sure the joint got set properly and there are no complications. Westmore Memorial is a seemingly average and more than adequate facility for Jamie’s recovery. However, the hospital has a back story that is known by only the eldest of the residents in Westmore. The hospital itself is not at question, but the land on which the hospital was erected was once to the home of the former Orleans County Regional Hospital, which was razed in he 1950’s following a massive scandal involving the former chief of hospital operations, Dr. Frederick Malone, and a series of unexplained deaths of patients under his care.

Malone committed suicide rather than face the consequences of his actions, and the powers that be at the time did their best to cover up the whole thing. The old hospital was torn down and a new facility built in its place. Years went by, and all seemed to be forgotten or not even known of in the first place. But when Jamie begins to see and hear things in her room that no one else can, it seems the specter of the old Orleans County Regional Hospital may have reemerged. Jamie has a strong belief in all things supernatural, but skepticism from all around her, including Bert, end up making it appear as if Jamie has some mental illness issues.

Jamie tries as hard as she can to convince those around her that the new hospital may be inhabited by spirits of the past, in particular Dr. Malone and others, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. To complicate matters, Jamie’s mother had a history of schizophrenia and a dissociative personality disorder, and the attending nurse at Westmore Memorial seeing to her care comes to believe Jamie has a hereditary connection to her mother which is causing her to hallucinate.

Is Westmore Memorial haunted just based on its location? Or is Jamie cursed from her mother’s genes and headed down a path of mental illness herself? If Jamie cannot even convince Bert that she is perfectly sane, what hope does she have or proving herself…that she is not crazy and that the specter of Dr. Frederick Malone is still lingering the hallways and clinics of the new facility?

Riley Amitrani

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