July 12, 2018

The Haunting of Yellow Sulphur Springs – The Butcher’s Surprise Has Been Released!

The Haunting of Yellow Sulphur Springs

The Haunting of Yellow Sulphur Springs – The Butcher’s Surprise Has Been Released!

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The old establishment known as The Virginia Meat Emporium still stands at the corner of Spruce and Larchmont in Yellow Sulfur, Virginia where it has been a landmark building for as long as anyone in the small town just south of Blacksburg can recall. For generations, the locally-renown butchery had been a favorite of everyone. Larry Evans was the last of the Evans clan to run the small outlet, having taken over from his uncle in the 1960’s when the old man encountered health problems that would no longer allow him to see to it on a day-to-day basis. Larry brought the business to new heights of success once he took the helm, but as was later discovered, Larry had a very dark side that came to light only after his suicide as police were about to arrest him.

Years went by, and as the truth and a variety of outlandish rumors and assorted innuendo of what might have and might not have gone on behind the doors of the shop emerged, the site became nothing more than a draw for the curious. You see, it seems that Larry had a bit of a homicidal issue and following his death, it became a legend among the locals that perhaps Larry had been serving something a little more on the exotic side at his store that went beyond beef, pork, and chicken. It was just talk, but soon enough it became accepted as the truth and The Virginia Meat Emporium was a tourist destination.

No locals would venture close due to the tall tales as well as the strange sights and sounds that were often reported coming from the shuttered and dilapidated building. The decades went by, and the stories faded unless you were a long-time resident of Yellow Sulfur. Then in 2005, two young undergraduate students from Virginia Tech, Josh Jackson, and Kylie White ventured into Yellow Sulfur for the summer. Neither had any desire to go back home for the summer, and they were wanting to try their hand at independence from their parents for the summer season. A recent trip to Yellow Sulfur convinced them it was perfect. Yellow Sulfur is typical of most small American towns, and therefore the employment opportunities are few and far between, other than at the Yellow Sulfur Springs Resort, just outside of town.

However, soon after they arrived, Josh discovered a posting at the old butcher’s shop for a paid apprenticeship and he applied immediately, finding the owner a bit odd, but knew it would meld in nicely with his study of animal sciences back in Blacksburg. What neither Josh nor Kylie is aware of, however, is that the owner who posted the advertisement at the shop was Larry Evans. The same Larry Evans who has been dead for over thirty years. When Josh does not return home after the first day of his apprenticeship, Kylie goes looking for him.

What she stumbles into, though, is far beyond anything she could ever imagine. How is it a man who ended his own life in the 1960’s is still around to take on an apprentice? Come along with Kylie as she steps over a dangerous threshold that will challenge her very belief system as she tries to unravel what has become of Josh. Will she arrive in time to figure it all out or will she just be fortunate enough to escape with her own skin in the end?

Riley Amitrani

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